What does a CRM/MarTech software introduction have to do with climbing stairs?

What does a CRM/MarTech software introduction have to do with climbing stairs?

Quite a lot. A software introduction must be fun. Because in this video, everyone can see at first glance that it’s all about changing behaviour. And this must be fun. Only then will you leave well-worn paths and take new paths.

Everyone knows the situation from real life. One has acquired habits and traditions. Without even thinking about it, the majority of pedestrians take an escalator. This habit is broken when it is suddenly fun to go up or down the stairs.

Why is this important for a software introduction?

Everyone, including us and our employees, has habits. One is used to the previous process, the software interface has looked about the same for 10 years. And now, from one day to the next, everything should be different. A software introduction must be fun.

Different process, different software, different interface, possibly also other colleagues with whom you communicate or work together. Why, does the person who is really a creature of habit ask himself, should I change? What is better about the new?

And here I take out the symbol of the video again. If it is fun to go new ways, to learn new processes, to work together with new colleagues, then it is easier for those involved. And if it’s really fun, then you do it quickly and again and again.

This is the learning effect for the new and the effect of forgetting the old. Nobody comes up with the saying “Everything was better in the past”, but the employees say “At last the new software is here”.


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