Lightricks Monday

2 new unicorns on the CRM/MarTech software market: Lighttricks and Monday

This week, 2 new CRM/MarTech software tools that are of interest to us became Unicorn. (Source: cbinsight)

What is a unicorn or unicorn?

Unicorn means that companies have achieved a rating of $1 billion or more.

Number 1 is AI-powered selfie company Lightricks.

Lightricks, What do they say about themselves?

We’re on a mission to create fun and powerful tools that reimagine the way content is created all over the world. We empower aspiring artists, everyday individuals, and businesses with the best possible tools to unlock their creativity and create content that their audience connects with.

Whether you need to edit photos, video, sound, a portrait, a post or ad for social media – we have the most intuitive, brilliant tools for the best possible results.

In summary, we are talking about apps that allow for refinement while editing the content/image quickly.

More about Lightricks at

Unicorn Number 2: Project Management Platform Monday

Number 2 is the Project Management Platform Monday. We have already presented Monday in another article. It belongs into the category of Asana, Trello or Wrike.

Meanwhile the website is also online in German language.

What is so special about Monday? Monday offers much more than a normal project management tool. The Use Cases, which are basically covered, are besides the classical PM among others lead and sales management, inventory management, engineering and construction tracking, bug and task tracking, event management, workflow management, GDPR management and much more.

No wonder that with so many different applications many users decided to use Monday and waved money to investors.

Who do you think is a candidate for the next Unicorn? Are there exciting candidates in Germany or Europe?

Write us your favorites. Let’s discuss them and see how these candidates develop.

Picture source: Pixabay

Also interesting: Does it scale, mass customization or how do we create the next unicorn?

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