Dropbox: previously a simple storage service; in future a complex digital desk

New desktop app

Dropbox announced its new desktop app this week Tuesday. The simple storage service is now to become a complex digital desktop for efficient work on the web. It immediately becomes clear – this could be a cloud alternative for the expensive Microsoft Office packages or for Google’s G Suite.

We took a quick look at the functionalities on the website – with these use cases Dropbox is now going on the offensive:

  • Create, access and share content (Microsoft Office or Google files)
  • Create and save shortcuts (websites, project management, productivity tools)
  • Search using only 1 search field (contents, links etc.)

Building on existing integrations with tools from companies such as Salesforce, Adobe and Autodesk, three new integrations are being introduced: Slack (communication), Zoom (video conferencing) and Atlassian (project management Trello and others).

An interesting development! Let’s see what the big players will say – they’re probably not really “amused” about it.

Here is a small insight into the new Dropbox application (animation downloads shortly …)


Pictures: Dropbox


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