German CRM Landscape

The first German CRM Landscape

The first German CRM Landscape

Update: 17.09.2020

Superoffice has now a new logo design.

#Update: 05.05.2020

Our CRM Landscape has grown! We have now included itmx in the category for large companies.

After the publication of the first German CRM landscape at the end of last year, the feedback on it was very positive. However, we would not only like to present you with a pretty picture, but also introduce you to the providers included in our vendors comparison. For this purpose, we asked the providers to fill out a small table with questions that we had specified. The first German CRM Landscape is therefore not only a nice picture, but also offers a lot of content.

Take a look for yourself – we have received this feedback so far.


German CRM Landscape

And why did we go to the trouble of looking at CRM providers from the DACH region and international providers with a German website, writing to them and categorising them? Because we want to give companies looking for a CRM provider an initial orientation. Only for the specialists the mega poster of Scott Brinker is a help. Often we learn that companies are not satisfied with the solution used. Perhaps the alternative providers were not known, were the requirements for the provider clearly defined? Did the weaknesses only come to light after the implementation?

What are your requirements? We know the strengths and weaknesses of the providers! Please contact us or have a look at the current vendors comparison first – there we collect the information reported by the providers on a daily basis.

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