UseCases in comparison

    Are you looking for comparability of the major CRM vendors? Not only on their perfectly designed websites, but by video in the form of concrete handling of different UseCases? So that you can get an overview - in search of the optimal CRM solution - of how the large providers deal with the different CRM focal points?
For this purpose, we prepare the information here so that you can quickly get to know and compare the providers.

    We start with the focus on "lead management".
How do you support the major suppliers in the area of sales? Do the processes suit your company? Who would have to adapt more - the software or the company?

We are pleased to be able to support you 100% neutrally in your decision! Further topics (such as selection, workflow etc.) are in progress.

Watch the videos here:

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Superoffice and infobridge

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How do Web conferences work in real life? Zoom has come up with a few (real?) scenes for this purpose.

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Adobe acquires Workfront, a $1.5 billion workflow software company

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