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GDPR-compliant add-on of a CRM software – using the example of CRM+ from Brainformatik GmbH

GDPR-compliant add-on of a CRM software

A great many companies are unsure how they should deal with the requirements of the GDPR in practice. In our main topic we have already presented many examples of good support by the software. But last week, during a short presentation, we came across the GDPR add-on from Brainformatik GmbH. This is a very good solution for a GDPR compliant add-on of a CRM software. Therefore you can watch this procedure as a video.

Concrete: The GDPR and its effects

Data maintenance and a responsible handling of its customer or personal data has always been an important issue for companies. With the introduction of the GDPR, however, it is a matter of binding opt-ins and obligations to provide evidence. Does a company not have its data under control? Can it not make any statements about the origins or details of, for example, stored contact data? These few examples can quickly lead to a dilemma.

The answer of Brainformatik GmbH to the GDPR

Brainformatik GmbH shows how a solution for this problem could look like. This add-on, developed together with dgd (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Datenschutz GmbH), can support companies in maintaining their stored data records in compliance with the GDPR.

We do not want to withhold this very good feature of a GDPR-compliant add-on of a CRM software. Watch the 8 ½-minute video Please click here.

Many more information about GDPR can be found here. In addition in German about the DSGVO.
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Update: from 10.03.2020

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