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3 reasons why sales teams do not use CRM systems

From the supplier’s perspective: Experience with CRM systems

CRM – Sales increase, the customer remains loyal. Everything a salesperson’s heart desires, but why is the new CRM system still not being used? Aidan Boestra, an employee at SugarCRM, writes about the 3 reasons why sales teams do not use CRM systems:

1. the team is not able to use the system optimally

Every new technology, no matter what it is and how easy it is to use, has a learning curve. It is important to give the team the training they need to use the software effectively. To achieve this, organizations must invest in training to ensure that employees have the knowledge they need to use the system effectively.

2. the CRM system is not properly aligned with the processes

Sometimes, even if the sales team knows how to use CRM, they still won’t – and that’s because it doesn’t fit their sales methodology. Many CRM solutions have preset processes and features that may not match the existing workflow. To address this, companies should choose a flexible and customizable CRM (see CRM Vendor Comparison).

3. the data stored in the CRM system is not relevant

When it comes to the benefits of a CRM system, the relevance of the data it stores and provides is crucial. To maintain the integrity of the CRM, the data must be regularly cleansed. The CRM manager, for example, can help here by standardizing the data and removing duplicate records.

Our conclusion:

It is very noteworthy that a SugarCRM employee lists the problems customers have with their CRM systems. The core aspects of non-use are addressed and justified so that a solution can be found to avoid these CRM problems.


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