Inxmail publishes current email key figures – B2C and B2B!

Always very interesting – the email key figures of Inxmail:

  • Detailed analyses of opening, click and bounce rates
  • Differences B2C to B2B
  • Industry-specific figures

Inxmail also ansewered the Questions such as

  • When and on which devices are B2B newsletters read?
  • Do seasonal events influence recipient behavior?
  • Does the weather have an influence on the success of newsletters?
  • Has the DSGVO left its mark?

In addition to “normal” e-mail transmissions, the transactional e-mails were also examined. Their above-average performance becomes clear when compared with regular newsletters: the opening rate here is almost twice as high at 47.2 percent (newsletter: 26.9 percent). Even more successful were the almost three times as high click rates: On average, transaction emails achieved 9.4 percent (newsletter: 3.3 percent).

Not uninteresting the results on the clients – Mozilla Firefox was ahead by a nose:

Inxmail Benchmark Webclients 2019

If you would like to get even deeper into the figures – here you can download the detailed, 59-page report from Inxmail free of charge.

Picture: Inxmail

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