Salesforce übernimmt Evergage

Salesforce takes over Evergage

This is likely to be the first major MarTech acquisition in 2020: Salesforce acquires Evergage, the manufacturer of omnichannel personalization and customer experience software solutions.

This is announced by Evergage CEO and co-founder Karl Wirth on his corporate website:

“Our real-time, cross-channel personalization and machine learning capabilities complement Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s robust customer data, audience segmentation and engagement platform, enabling companies to deliver more relevant experiences during moments of interaction across the entire customer journey.”

What is special about Evergage? In the current article by martechseries it says

Evergage’s real-time personalization and customer data platform (CDP) allows a user to create a single, comprehensive view of each of your customers and prospects. The personalization engine then activates the customer data “to deliver the most relevant, individualized experience possible – right now, across channels and to scale”.

With this, the acquisitions or the “eat and be eaten” in the MarTech sector continues briskly. We are looking forward to the next deal!

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Picture: Evergage

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