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SugarCRM is a CRM solution for managing customer relationships. For departments such as marketing, sales, service. More information about the vendor can be found here.

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Key data SugarCRM

Employees 450
Headquarter Cupertino
Foundation 2004


Sales n.a.



about SugarCRM

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SugarCRM was founded in 2004 by Clint Oram, John Roberts and Jacob Taylor. The headquarters are located in Cupertino, California. Since 2019, the current CEO of the company is Craig Charlton. His predecessor was Larry Augustin. SugarCRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Until 2017, Sugar CRM software was open source and freely available and configurable. Source:

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All products from Sugar CRM:

  • Sugar Market - Marketing Automation
  • Sugar Sell - Sales Automation
  • Sugar Serve - customer service
  • On-premise CRM
  • CRM for small and medium businesses
  • Sugar Enterprise
  • Sugar Professional
The SugarCRM Customer Club:
SugarClub represents a new perspective and direction of what "community" represents, and is much more than additional functionality and content. Our team wanted to create a place where customers could interact with us, with like-minded professionals, and with partners, while benefiting from personalized user experiences, simplified navigation, engaging advocacy and gamification, and training and certification. The three cornerstones of the club, Engage, Learn, and Explore, tie directly into the goals we established at our January meeting. But now they are much more. They're a basic guide for users to share knowledge and expertise, access robust training and certification materials, ask product-focused questions, or stay up to date on the latest tech news." Translated with (free version); source For more on SugarClub, here. A special Club news and events page shows what members will be informed about and what will be offered to you.ugarCRM customers From our article:

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