Erfolgskriterien / 20 tips

20 tips or success criteria for a successful software introduction and application (Part 1)

What are the necessary success criteria for a software to be accepted by the employees in a company?

We were quite surprised to find that there are now 20 success criteria. Yes, that’s a lot, but in practice we see that these are mostly necessary to consider. Otherwise, the risk is already very, very high that the expensive investment goes up in smoke or the desired effect does not occur.

For this reason we have compiled our 20 basic tips and success criteria:

  1. Work out a vision with your employees. This serves as a model for the direction the company is taking. From this vision, attitude and attitude, elements for offer models as well as arguments for the use of software are derived.
  2. Do not prescribe software “from the top down”, involve key users, works council and data protection already during the selection process. Conduct an online survey of all subsequent users in advance. What are their needs and wishes?
  3. Relieve key users from everyday tasks from the very beginning. They should be relieved of at least 30% of their previous tasks before the project starts. The project management should be relieved of at least 50% of the ballast, and depending on size and importance, even from daily business.
  4. Be a role model as a manager and use the software yourself – and show that you can do so. On the one hand you understand the possible problems, but you also quickly feel efficiency opportunities. On the other hand, whoever works with it every day shows that she/he is behind it.
  5. Only start when the data and address quality is good to very good. This is a necessary basis. Without ifs and buts.

These used to be the first 5 criteria, the next 5 will come soon.

Here is the link to  part 2 – criteria 6 – 10 from our 20 tips.

Picture source: Pixabay

Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.