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Are your sales employees as dissatisfied with the mobile CRM solution?

Dissatisfied with the mobile CRM solution?

A small, nice video brings it to the point: Mobile solutions for CRM software are usually a nice, over-bred toy. They usually do not help the employee. Or were they not sufficiently explained to the team? Is a sensible user design missing? Result: Dissatisfied with the mobile CRM solution.

The study by the Muuuh Group and Trovarit also confirms these statements. The mobile solutions are not yet sufficiently effective. As former chancellor Helmut Schmidt would say, there is still some work to be done, “because those who do so cannot put themselves in the position of others sufficiently”.

The vast majority of mobile solutions are packed with features. Only, as so often, only 10-20% of them are used at the beginning. Only after initial experiences and successes are perhaps 20-30% used.

What are typical applications?

  • Capturing, correcting and completing addresses
  • Prepare and follow up the visit, write the minutes
  • Call up information about the company or contact person
  • Creating quotations and orders, editing configurators – that’s the free program.

Yes, it’s not only about what is technically feasible, but also about what makes sense from a human perspective. 5 simple tips from Adito Managing Director T. Mirwald can be found here.


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