Salesforce und Google

## Breaking news: Is the mega-deal of the year already on its way? Google allegedly wants to take over Salesforce

The first rumours of this were already circulating in June 2019.

But since 2 days it is boiling again in the rumour mill.

According to a market analysis, Google lags far behind the cloud providers Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Microsoft. The cloud market shares are currently distributed as follows:

  • AWS: approximately 47%.
  • Microsoft Azure: approx. 16%
  • Google: about 4%.

By purchasing Salesforce, Google would overtake Microsoft and catch up with AWS.

This deal would be more than a belated New Year’s Eve cracker, it would be a bomb.

Google would increase its market power even more. Salesforce would have cash to accelerate growth. Salesforce’s current market share of almost 20% could jump to 30% in a few years.

That would not be good for the CRM market.

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Who is the new Google manager (ex-Oracle) Thomas Kurian who is said to have such goals?

Picture: Google and Salesforce

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