Christmas and turn of the year is maintenance time: Relationship maintenance time – What does CRM/XRM have to do with X-Mas?

Christmas time and the turn of the year is relationship maintenance time. What does CRM/XRM have to do with X-Mas?

Therefore the abbreviations XRM (stands for “Any Relationship Management” and “X-Mas” at first sight are not so far apart. More precisely, they even belong together – closely together. Because, if you cultivate your relationships (see the detailed article), you have more and benefit from them longer.

But how do you cultivate relationships?

There is no simple answer to this question. The owner of a flower shop gave me an answer a few years ago. She called her philosophy: lovingly neglect.

On closer inspection, it quickly became clear that she meant her flowers and plants. Nevertheless, I am firmly convinced that I can transfer her philosophy to humans.

Lovingly neglect: What would that look like?

A woman/man is loving when the other feels and sees the appreciation, the empathy. As the vernacular calls it: To maintain friendship with small gestures or gifts. This was now the first part of the answer or the obligatory task. This is also, for example, customer love.

Let’s come to the freestyle: The word “neglect” stands – considered alone – for inattention, forgetfulness or one has been overlooked. However, the combination of the words “loving” and “neglecting” creates a whole new meaning: Because if you have been treated lovingly, you feel that you are attracted, even attracted, in the time of neglect. One wants to get back in touch with the person who has treated one lovingly, but has just neglected something. This is what makes a good relationship so exciting and appealing – lasting. This creates a desire for dialogue and exchange that lasts a lifetime. In other words: 1A Relations just like that.

And this is exactly what – not only at Christmas time – is the most important task of all of us, which we should pursue every day! Partners, spouses, employees, new and regular customers, interested parties, suppliers, neighbours or fans want to be lovingly neglected. Depending on the goal and appreciation – individually in any case.

Is this an art?

No! It depends on the attempt or – as we say in the industry – on the test. Not too much, but not too little either. Always trying to find the balance, to feel.

Even a criticism or complaint is a sign of neglect – and a strong, positive sign at that. Because the relationship is worth something to the other person. Otherwise he would not come forward and express his problem.

This means that everyone with whom the woman/man is in closer contact wants to be lovingly neglected. She or you, too, of course. Whether we have succeeded in this last year, you have to judge. We will do everything in our power to lovingly neglect you in 2020.

In this sense: All the best, a happy new year and a healthy reunion in the new year.

Picture: Pixabay

Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.