Dietmar Hopp

Congratulations Dietmar Hopp

Today Dietmar Hopp can celebrate his 80th birthday. I hope he can celebrate it despite the Corona crisis at least in a small circle.

In any case I pay him – not only on this day – my respect. One does not have to agree with all his decisions. But a person like him should be treated with respect. And he always has my esteem.

Fifteen years ago, he was officially removed from the SAP Executive Board. But retirement is a different matter.

I cannot list everything he has done, supported, financed, and pushed during this time. That is a role model for me. His foundation is one of his many sides, facets, and commitments.

The official SAP press release speaks of a Dietmar Hopp spirit. And anyone who looks into his eyes (even if it’s only in a photo) immediately feels this spirit. It literally flashes out of his eyes.

That’s much too kind,” will probably be Hopp’s modest reply, pointing once again to a “team success.” But it’s no coincidence that those who worked with him still accord pride of place in their memories to the man affectionately known as Vadder Hopp (Papa Hopp). And no one would dispute that in the early days it was Dietmar Hopp who led the way in establishing the behaviors and attitudes – the culture – that still characterize SAP today, despite all the changes that have taken place since. (Extract from the above-mentioned communication)

All the best and congratulations. 🎉🎊🍾🎈

Picture source: SAP

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