Marketoonist zur Digital Transformation

Corona: Crisis and opportunity? Marketoonist draws a picture of the digital transformation.

Corona promotes digital transformation and collaboration

It’s certainly a fine line caricaturists walk in times of Corona. Nevertheless, Tom Fishburne has, in my opinion, succeeded in achieving this balance with his latest drawing. Because Corona promotes digital transformation and collaboration.

The wrecking ball is on the verge of encountering resistant “digital transformation deniers”

Let us all fervently hope that the real virus is not as resistant as the “concrete heads” Tom draws in his cartoon. But let’s look – for all the health drama – at the whole thing through positive glasses.

What has been going on for 1-2 months in terms of digitalization – or as the Americans call it – digitization worldwide. Not only marketing is affected. Sales, service, technology, research and development, human resources and, and, and. No person, no department, no company, no institution has remained unaffected.

Whether it was the application forms for the state subsidy loans, software adaptations, the web conferences, chats, digitally set up approval processes, more focus on the state health service, distance learning in schools, laptop sales, WLAN equipment at home or in the cities, video consulting at insurance companies and banks, issuing prescriptions or cashless payments at the baker and butcher. Interim conclusion: Corona promotes digital transformation and collaboration.

I could certainly continue the list for pages. Every individual and every company, every industry or guild has discovered for itself what is possible. Everyone tried, improvised, adopted best practices from others, made mistakes, solved problems, listened to recommendations. It was tinkered with until everything worked. And in the end: everyone patted themselves on the back because ideas were pushed through, projects were finally implemented, old habits were cut off. Hesitators, procrastinators and obstructors were overrun virtually overnight.

And the best thing for me:

Nobody scolded me if something went wrong. Everyone had respect for each other’s performance. Silo thinking did not take place. And all this with one goal: to motivate your own employees and to bind your customers in the best possible way.

Finally a personal wish:

If we now maintain this friendly attitude, attitude and way of thinking with the “helping hand”, we will TOGETHER bring the currently hard-hit industries (e.g. catering or tourism) out of the crisis. We need them all! This is social market economy in the sense of the inventors of this term.


Note: This is a machine translation. It is neither 100% complete nor 100% correct. We can therefore not guarantee the result.