12 zwölf Lesetipps

Cyrill Luchsinger’s best-of list, reading for the weekend or quiet times

Cyrill Luchsinger curates his own list of top articles, which all deal with the topics CRM, customer centricity … … These are the best-of “Cyrill Luchsinger about Digital Transformation Innovation Customer Focus Customer Centricity”

“Again this year I curated about 300 articles from the LinkedIn feed. Twelve articles now receive the award “Top Stories of the Year 2019” he describes his reading frenzy. At the same time, he reflects on the motto “Not everything that is offered for reading in black and white is a reading experience”. In this respect, Cyrill Luchsinger’s very personal highlights on the topics of digital, transformation, innovation and customer focus are written by these authors:

Anja Hendel, Conny Dethloff and Dorothee Töreki, Dr. Eva Riedi Collen, Günther Wagner as well as Dr. Irène Y. Kilubi, Prof. Jan-Erik Baars, Jean-Philippe Hagmann and of course Johannes Ceh as well as Prof. Nils Hafner, Sophie Eisl and Virginie Briand are the authors of the “Top Stories of 2019”.

Conny, Nils and Johannes also I count to the “usual suspects”, who always have something interesting to write/tell.

Cyrill Luchsinger researches on Digital Transformation Innovation Customer Focus

A reading, as he writes about the articles of the 12 authors, which can be consumed in a few minutes or even up to 4 hours. There are many articles that offer impulses and in-depth information on current topics. Not everything is interesting for everyone. But a lot of things should be interesting for everyone. So deepen and up! Read. 😎

If you then find even more interest in these topics, you will find a whole lot more articles in his “long list”.

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