Happy birthday Bill Gates – the founder of Microsoft turns 65

Bill Gates – founder of Microsoft – turns 65

Who doesn’t know it, the prehistory of Bill Gates and MS-DOS? How he achieved the monopoly for DOS – Disk Operating System – with a tactical move. IBM licensed it to him at that time and thus defined a market standard, which was never questioned again.

PC DOS, partly also IBM DOS, is a branded version of MS-DOS distributed by IBM from the 1980s until the early 2000s, which was licensed by Microsoft for use on IBM-PC compatible computers [1] Together with MS-DOS, it established the de facto standard of PC-compatible Disk Operating Systems (short: DOS).”. (Source: Wikipedia last call on 23.10.2020)

From the perspective of state regulation, such a monopoly position is of course absolute crap. A company must never achieve such a supremacy. But if you let it do so, then unfortunately that is the case.

Bill Gates – founder of Microsoft – turns 65.

Bill Gates also rescued Apple and with it Steve Jobs from the mess. Otherwise Apple might not be what it is today.

“One of the great curiosities of computer history is that Jobs was able to win an archenemy, Microsoft boss Bill Gates, of all people, as a partner. In 1997, Microsoft not only invested $150 million in its ailing competitor, but also pledged to continue developing the important Microsoft Office for the Mac. Presumably Gates wanted to use this generous gesture to keep the cartel guards off his back, who at that time had their sights set on Microsoft’s rude business methods in the “browser war” against Netscape”( Source: Welt, last call on 23.10.2020)

Bill Gates founder of Microsoft turns 65

Now and then the legislators have scratched something of Microsoft’s supremacy. But nobody really intervened. Microsoft’s success today is based in its roots on this grave decision.

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