How does the CRM software landscape in a company develop over the years?

Many CRM software solutions develop little or not at all over the years. This is usually less good, because stagnation means regression, at least lagging behind the competition.

Some of our customers are currently having to change over. The simple reason is that the system that has gotten old will no longer be supported in a year. Companies should not wait that long. This puts pressure – less so when it comes to the selection – but more pressure when it comes to implementation.

On the one hand, employees are challenged to leap from the Middle Ages into the future. On the other hand, the requirements have to evolve into the present at lightning speed. From a change management perspective, such a quantum leap is no easy undertaking.

Agile companies usually face the problem of uncontrolled growth. Every department is looking for “its” personal solution – bypassing IT.

So what is the right solution? This is not easy to say. A continuous adaptation is – as in nature – always the better solution. And if you regularly cut off the “bad shoots on the tree” (in this case, unclean ad hoc solutions), your solution tree will thrive magnificently.

You can see from an example how the solution can develop: the picture for development.

We help you to assess the current solution, develop a new solution and then successfully implement it.

Picture source: chiefmartech.com

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