GPS-Ortung / Abmahnfähigkeit / Daten der Reisenden

How states collect data from travellers without borders. Surveillance at the border – private data as road customs

Collect data of the travelers

This article is our recommendation for your weekend reading. Not funny on the one hand, but on the other hand, the report explains which countries are particularly keen to collect data and where they collect data from travellers.

Of course we all ask ourselves the question,

  • where do the states store our data?
  • what do you do with it?
  • Do the state authorities use classic CRM systems?
  • is the data stored in the cloud?
  • Which AI methods are used for analyses?

Questions to which there is unfortunately no answer. Everything remains secret.

A journalist from the SZ once thought about what is going on here and what goes wrong.

“A scandal, not only in China: At the borders travellers are almost helplessly at the mercy of the state’s greed for information.”

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