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Important prerequisite before project start: Drop ballast – create employee capacities

Free employees from unnecessary ballast before project start, why?

Free employees from unnecessary ballast before starting a project: There are many tips on project management and project methods. Also from us. About software, but also general tips. Only very often an important tip is unfortunately forgotten: Before starting a project, the project manager and important members of the project team should be relieved of unimportant tasks. We call this “dropping ballast”.

Why is this so important?

Very often the project managers in a company are always the same. This is understandable, but dangerous. Therefore it is important not to saddle this group of people with one project after the other on top. It is an important prerequisite that the manager relieves the employee before the start of the project, so that unimportant tasks are not simply added, but removed. –> Before the start of the project, relieve employees of unnecessary ballast!

For important projects, the responsible persons should be relieved of at least 30-50% of other tasks, otherwise the employee is in the red zone. The project threatens to fail.

Before the start of the project, relieve employees of unnecessary ballast

Only with the 30-50 % freedom your project managers (f/m) are able to deliver good projects. This is the task of a good manager: Either declaring tasks as unimportant or delegating tasks to other employees. This ensures employee satisfaction and project success.

The video describes the necessity again in about 3 minutes.


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