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iPaaS, Cloud/Data Integration & Tag Management Software: Zapier Overview

Zapier is a tool that connects favorite apps together, automating the workflow between web applications used daily. Founded in 2012, the Californian company is made up of a global team. The tool allows users to automate workflows and has its focus mainly in the business area. Meanwhile more than 1,000 apps can be connected. Zapier is aimed at users who want to optimize and automate their specific workflows.


According to the Zapier homepage, the more than 1,000 apps already contain 40 CRM data sources that can be connected to the tool. Among them are also HubSpot and Salesforce. Zapier connects the apps that users work with on a daily basis.  This automates processes, such as an e-mail sent with Gmail when an Excel worksheet is updated. Zapier automatically posts new blog posts via Twitter. File attachments from Evernote are saved in the dropbox. This allows users to automate processes so they have more time to focus on what’s important.


As a guide, the price categories are shown here as an overview.

Free Forever

0 $/month

very limited functions, 14 days for testing
For Work

ab 20 $/month

limited functions, 14 days for testing
For Teams

ab 250 $/month

Unlimited functions, 14 days for testing


The possible uses of the tool are as varied as the range of applications for the existing integration options. Each available service has its own interface with triggers and parameters, which the user can access when creating the “zaps”. For developers it is even possible to define their own triggers and actions with their own code (Python or Javascript). Zapier is currently only available in English, but this is not a showstopper today.

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