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IT capacity building, education and training become a success factor

IT capacity building and education and training become success factors – two of several Herculean tasks for a company

Management consultants often advised their clients to outsource parts or all of their IT more or less. So the standard software should be managed by a small number of people. The service providers would then do the rest. In retrospect, this was not a smart strategy. Because the experiences of the last projects say one thing: The personnel ceiling in IT is much too thin. The ability to manage the amount of change, the many service providers and to “drive projects into the harbor” cleanly rarely worked. Or at extreme additional costs. And a specific training and education concept usually does not even exist. So building up IT capacity building and education and training are indispensable for the future.

The shortage of IT specialists hits those companies that have followed the above advice particularly hard. Why?

Technology expertise is currently THE success criterion par excellence. Those who do not have it increase their dependence on external service providers.

Now it is taking its toll that in good times companies have opted for standard and outsourcing. This is because a) there is an extremely high backlog demand for IT/software due to the latest technical developments and b) it is incredibly difficult to obtain the necessary specialist personnel in sufficient numbers.

Where do people go who have a lot of know-how and are therefore particularly sought after? In companies that have attractive, varied tasks to offer. These are usually not the user companies, but IT/software manufacturers, IT/software service providers or consultants or agencies.

I have written a longer article about this and published it on LinkedIn.

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