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MarTech news from Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon

Here we have briefly summarised some information from the VDZ report 4th quarter 2019 and our own research on the MarTech news of Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon:


  • Google has combined its AI platform with its Dialogflow conversation service to further automate customer service; Contact Center AI is expected to significantly improve the efficiency of customer service and interaction between business and customers.
  • Among other things, Google is investing in
    • Freshworks: The company develops software solutions for customer lifecycle management (CRM, call center, marketing, sales, etc.).
    • Unqork: It offers companies a platform to develop software solutions without programming.
    • Cloudsimple: CloudSimple is a provider of virtualized solutions based on VMware. Cloudsimple helps companies to move existing VMware projects to the cloud and operate them there.
    • ContractBook: ContractBook is a Danish LegalTech, which helps companies to create and manage contracts more efficiently.


  • Facebook News: Facebook has started to build a separate news feed with content from quality media. Content suppliers are selected media partners.
  • Catalogue function: The Business Account for small businesses has been extended with a catalogue function for product presentations. Companies can use the new function to present their product range to users.


  • Salesforce and Apple have announced a comprehensive partnership in the development of new business apps. The partnership gives Salesforce extensive access to core iPhone and iPad functionality as a regular app developer.


  • Voiceflow: VoiceFlow operates a platform on which you can develop voice-based apps using drag and drop without any programming knowledge. VoiceFlow offers integration with Alexa and Google Actions.

Source: VDZ Digital Quarterly, 4th quarter 2019

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