News from the Marketoonist: The Dashboard Madness

Tom Fishburne fascinates me with almost every new cartoon. Today: The Dashboard Madness

We look at this dashboard madness from two sides:

Before each software presentation, we make bets on how long it will take the presenting person to say the word “dashboard”. It never takes longer than 5 minutes. The absolute record was 15 seconds. During the software presentation, we check the Buzzword Bingo ticket to see how often the word Dashboard is used. The current record holder is 24 times “Dashboard”.

Other side:  The user – especially the management.

The more KPIs, the larger the dashboard, the more confident you feel in your actions. Every KPI is an additional assurance not to make a mistake. You have everything under control. You might think so, some executives think.

On the other hand, we observe the phenomenon of decisionlessness. We prefer to justify decisions that have not been made by saying that “the one” indicator that helps to make the final decision is still missing.

And that’s how these dashboard monsters are created, which Tom has drawn here, which in the end are of no use.

Erwin Staudt, a former IBM manager and ex-president of VfB-Stuttgart, said more than 10 years ago at a lecture: I can manage my company with about 5 good key figures. Of the few key figures, 4 alone were key figures from the RFMR formula. It’s that easy to steer a company successfully.

According to the old motto: less is more. Drop unnecessary ballast again and again

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