Print ist tot

“Nobody needs print today”

Lecture by Mark Brauch (Payback)

At the 12th German CRM Forum in Frankfurt am Main, there were exciting lectures entirely under the motto: “From experience to relationship”.
Among others, there was a presentation by Mark Brauch from Payback entitled “Nobody needs PRINT anymore! – Or does they?”

This was his response to the discussion that has been going on for years about whether it is still relevant to send print mailings in today’s online world. And his answer is: yes it is. Because it always depends on the customer!

What were the key messages?
Not all customers can be reached online
It is important to know who among the customers uses which medium: What are the preferred channels? Moreover, not every medium is useful for certain content/messages.
“The watering can is dead”. About 80 % of a print payback campaign is unique. This means that every mailing differs from other mailings in at least one value, point, word, text module, image or offer.

Here you can also find the keynote of the presentation:


Unfortunately, we are no longer allowed to show the lecture video for legal reasons.


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