Salesforce and Google – which integrations are already available today?

The news of the last weeks about a possible takeover of Salesforce by Google made us curious. Where are there already partnerships or interesting integrations today? We found them on the Salesforce training site, the Trailhead and on the Google Cloud.

Since November 2017 the partnership between Google and Salesforce exists. This has resulted in the following integrations:

Salesforce Platform and G Suite

According to Google Cloud, “The G Suite, along with your CRM system, is the key to real-time collaboration and increased productivity.

In our experience, the complete integration of e-mail tools into a CRM platform often reaches its limits. The integration of G Suite into the Salesforce Platform is certainly an extremely interesting constellation and should make Microsoft sit up and take notice – also against the background of a possible takeover of Salesforce by Google.

Salesforce and Google Analytics 360

According to the Google Cloud, “This allows marketers to quickly integrate their offline data from the Sales Cloud with Analytics 360 for deeper insight, more accurate audience segmentation and better business results.

Google Analytics 360 – certainly interesting as an alternative or addition for customers who do not want to use a tool like Tableau as a BI solution immediately.

Salesforce and Google Cloud

According to Salesforce: “Google Cloud is a preferred (public) cloud provider for Salesforce. We use Google Cloud to extend the global reach of our services and enable native integration between our cloud platforms”.

So the public and private clouds of the two players complement each other wonderfully-especially if you see this in the context of a possible takeover of Salesforce by Google.

Picture: Salesforce

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