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Salesforce-Co Keith Block unexpectedly resigned

The co-head of Salesforce, Keith Block, has unexpectedly resigned. Salesforce announced on Tuesday evening that Salesforce founder Marc Benioff would in future run the company alone.

Keith Block moved from Oracle to Salesforce in 2013 and was Co-CEO since 2018. The reasons for his resignation are not known. However, he will be available to the company as a consultant for another year.

Salesforce also announced encouraging figures for the past 2019/2020 fiscal year (January 31): Sales increased by 29 percent to 17.1 billion dollars (15.7 billion euros). The profit figures were less pleasing – they slumped by almost 90 percent to 126 million dollars. Higher taxes and significantly higher costs, for example for research and development, are cited as reasons for this. For the current fiscal year, the company aims to increase sales to 21 billion dollars.

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