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What does customer-centric culture – or customer-oriented culture – not mean?

As always, Tom Fishburne puts it in a nutshell with a smile: “Who is customer-centric or has customer orientation as a focus,” writes the marketoonist.

He quotes here from a publication: “The CMO Council found that only 14 percent of marketers would say that customer focus is a hallmark of their companies, and only 11 percent believe that their customers would agree with this characterization.

This is – I think we all agree on this – not what was expected. But if the managers say this as a self-assessment, then (present readers excluded 🙂 ) there is still a lot of upward potential.

I am convinced that, in principle, all companies have the tools and “the stuff” to achieve this. But what can be the reason for this?

Among other things, it is due to the points that were found out in the latest CRM study of the Muuuh Group. And, this is my personal conviction, it’s because companies are organized by function and not by customer groups. Those who continue to be organized according to silos or have goals set, their employees do not act in the interest of the customer, but rather in the interest of the functional goals.

This coexistence or opposition prevents customer orientation. It is as simple as that.

Picture source: Tom Fishburne, Marketoonist

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