Marketing Effectiveness

What is effectiveness? Smile with Marketoonist about his interpretation of Marketing Effectiveness

Marketoonist Tom Fishburne conjures a smile on our faces again and again. Today it’s all about his interpretation of marketing effectiveness.

We were especially happy about this cartoon of him. Because it is very fitting to the Mantra or Anders Statement that we preach regularly: One swallow doesn’t make a summer, one software doesn’t make a strategy!

Introducing software without a strategy and goal in a company usually only has the opposite effect. And the result tends to lead to unnecessary time and costs instead of contributing to effectiveness.

So, take a step back and “look at it from the outside”: How good is Marketing Effectiveness? How well does the software harmonize with the users and their processes?

Very fittingly, our editor, Georg Blum’s article: “The new MarTech landscape”. Published on IDG’s portal with the central question: “How many applications are useful for the perfect Customer Journey, which is at the centre of all activities around the customer?


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