Satya Nadella

Which 20 quotes explain the attitude and success of Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft?

Twenty quotes are just a sample. But they show – similar to the interview with Jeff Bezos – why Satya Nadella is the way he is. “Our industry does not respect tradition. It only respects innovation.”

“Technologies will come and go, so you need to be able to both ask and answer the question: What do you do as a company, why do you exist?”

“Success can cause people to unlearn the habits that made them successful in the first place.”

“Listen to your customers and your employees, they are the most important thing and define your business.” The quotations touch on various leadership ponds. Insofar a good, inspiring collection. The exciting thing is how he gets these messages into the last corner of his global company. He just manages it. Just like Jeff Bezos and his team of 17. Read all 20 quotes from Satya Nadella at:


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