Which big players have the most data from us?

Who has what data?

Clario has summarized in a chart which companies use most of our data.

Who does not know? We want to research something on a website and the cookie pop-up pops up and blocks the view. We quickly press “Accept” to quickly reach our goal. But what happens then? What data do we disclose when we quickly click on “Accept”?

The collected data can be: Name, date of birth, e-mail address, pets, hobbies, height, weight, etc.



What do they do with the data?

The data is used for more targeted advertising.

Clario has created a ranking of the top brands and which ones collect the most data from us. See here:





Social media with Facebook and Instagram remain in first place. Not only standard information is collected here, but also data such as hobbies, height, weight and sexual orientation.

The dating app Tinder also collects 55.88% of the data. It also tracks which different social media channels you use. Also your chats are stored to address you with advertising.



What about Amazon?

Amazon collects relatively less data, only 23.53%. Amazon tracks how you use the site and which products you view.

Spotify tracks your social media profiles to find out what your interests are and what music you listen to.

Netflix acts similarly with the movies and series and the recommended movie suggestions based on those already played.

With Netflix and Spotify, users often don’t mind that this data is collected.

By the way:

93% of companies store your email address and 18% know how much you weigh, e.g. Nike.

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