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AI in the butchery or why the next meat purchase becomes the perfect customer experience

The whole world is talking about AI (AI). In a video by Maren Kroymann, this artificial intelligence (AI/AI) becomes a saleswoman made flesh with psychic predictions. The goal: artificial intelligence (AI/AI) for a perfect customer experience (CX). The customer experiences a customer experience that she never imagined in her wildest dreams.

You know the mother of all butcher questions: Can it be a little bit more? In Swabian this sounds like a “little bit more”, but it doesn’t really matter. Although my experience with my former butcher is that sometimes 20% to 30% more weight is on the scales than requested. Even without an AI, the butcher gave me a customer experience every Saturday.

So I quickly looked in the terminal to see what else the customer could use. The artificial intelligence (AI) with the help of an algorithm has already created a perfect sales talk with cross-selling. The customer leaves the shop with everything he or she wanted and had on the shopping list. Or was it a little more than planned?

In any case, this video brings the weaknesses and opportunities of AI in the context of a desired customer experience to the point. Either way, the mistaken belief that AI can do everything is taken ad absurdum here. Artificial Intelligence (AI/AI) for a better Customer Experience (CX) is possible, but it requires 1 year of hard work.

Peter Gentsch and Sascha Lobo both quote the sentence: “Artificial intelligence, i.e. AI, is one of the most overestimated and underestimated scientific disciplines.

Many talk about it, but hardly anyone really knows what is possible with it. If you ask the experts, one thing comes out quickly. Every problem that a company or a scientist wants to solve with AI needs its own approach. AI experience from one problem cannot be transferred to another.

This means that there are solutions for every defined problem, but the difficulty is to define the problem so precisely that AI offers a good solution.

Therefore the video is wonderfully amusing and worthwhile to watch.

Source: ARD YouTube Channel Comedy and Satire

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