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Does the use of MarTech or CRM software solve strategy problems?

Does the use of MarTech or CRM software solve strategy problems?

“There are people who believe that the choice of medium is the dominant factor for producing results when prospecting. They believe that the tools are what produces a better outcome, that some choice of medium is so much better than another that salespeople should shift their efforts to those tools.”

As the teaser text of the article suggests, unfortunately it is. A software, also CRM software, does not solve strategy-problems, it sometimes even creates more problems than it solves.

Why is that so?

  • It does not help to accelerate if you drive in the wrong direction.
  • Without a plan what to do with the software, you choose the wrong software.

Already 15 years ago managers complained (confirmed by studies) that a software introduction does not bring the desired success. But they always looked for the mistake with the others. Whether project manager or software producer or service provider, only the mistake cannot be on your own.

However, anyone who is dissatisfied should first put their own house in order!

What are typical errors?

  1. No target group strategy available.
  2. No clear vision of future business models available.
  3. Necessary changes, due to the necessary alignment, are not carried out.
  4. One prefers to adapt to the software rather than the software adapting to the business process.

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