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The new MarTech-Landscape 2020 is published

Start free to analyze the many providers: Scott Brinker releases the CRM MarTech Landscape 2020 Scott Brinker has published the new Landscape in today’s keynote. There are about 8,000 providers gathered on the Landscape. That is once again significantly more – 13.6% – than in April 2019, the last release date.

What else has changed since 2019?

615 providers have disappeared. Scott also shows in another chart that a consolidation process is taking place. The drop of almost 9% of providers that are no longer listed is quite high.

That is because with a growth of 1,575 vendors that were not yet on the landscape in 2019, that is a considerable increase: nearly 24.5%.

The main category DATA has the most growth (25% more), followed by the category MANAGEMENT (15%) and SOCIAL&RELATIONSHIP with almost 14% growth.

In the sub-categories CONVERSATIONAL MARKETING&CHAT with plus 70%, followed by GOVERNANCE, COMPLIANCE&PRIVACY (plus 68%), PROJECTS&WORKFLOW (+41%) and, surprisingly, PRINT with 35%.

Scott Brinker releases the CRM MarTech Landscape 2020

We have also recently consolidated the German-speaking CRM providers as well as the vendors of marketing automation solutions for you. Our Landscapes would like to serve a special focus. The world of providers is now much too large to provide information on all topics. Specialization has parceled out the market extremely in recent years.

Conclusion: In the 10th year of the MarTech Landscape Scott is again a “Big Thank YOU” for his new presentation. Great performance and really a surprise.


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