Who am I? And if so, how many? Is the role of a Marketing Director (CMO) clearly defined or still defined in a contemporary way?

Tom Fishburne, the well-known marketoonist, brings the current discussion about CMO ‘s wonderfully to the point.

Studies show (repeatedly) that the role of a CMO is associated with much suffering. The half-life at this point decreases.

Why is this so?

Because the role is not clearly defined and the alpha-animal group in the management does not like to have the CMO take the butter off their bread. The CMO likes to be pushed forward by the press, he has to

  • Growth,
  • Brand,
  • MarTech
  • customer experience
  • and much more besides

care. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work in practice. She/he is not a egg-laying wool-milk sow.

An article by Deloitte describes these different tasks very precisely. Another article by McKinsey at least demands a supportive role from the CEO. Because the more power the CMO gets, the more tasks (usually new, additional ones) he has to take responsibility for, the more the CEO has to moderate the environment, partly restructure it.

But shouldn’t the whole company think and act #customer-oriented or #customer-#centric? It is not enough to give one person this abundance of tasks or the person simply takes them on without internal ones. clarification or coordination.

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