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The big ones are getting bigger, the small ones are struggling. What or who is driving the CRM or MarTech market?

Big ones get bigger SAP Microsoft Salesforce cooperate and buy up

The drive for growth never seems to stop. Big ones get bigger SAP Microsoft Salesforce cooperate and buy up

Many collaborations or acquisitions have been announced in recent weeks:

  • Apple and Salesforce. You can find the commentary here.
  • Bertelsmann and Saham. Read here.
  • Marketo is bought by Adobe. Read what it cost here.

Update 02/22/2021:

Yes, the CRM or MarTech market, probably the most growing and therefore attractive software market at the moment, is on the move.

Cooperations are of course mainly carried out by halfway equal partners. Otherwise, the big one simply buys the small one from the market. Just last year, Salesforce bought Slack. The purchase sum is $27 billion. A madness. But only in this way, Salesforce believes, can it keep up with Microsoft, which has developed Teams in time, a tool that is currently on everyone’s lips. And almost all software providers are in the process of integrating Teams and other Microsoft products deeper and deeper into the CRM and process landscape.


Whether a company still has to become larger in order to be more successful, I dare – as before – to doubt. Since international politics does not think about this until large corporations have emerged and are usually unavoidable, the development is as it is.

Thus the user decides also in the CRM market, to whom he assigns his budgets. The market still has enough diversity. Still.


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