success criteria / Erfolgskriterien zur Softwarei-Einführung und -Anwendung

20 tips or success criteria for a successful software introduction and application (Part 3)

In part 1 and part 2 we have already described a total of 10 success criteria for software introduction and application. In part 3 we present 5 further success factors for discussion. What do you think? What do you consider to be the most important criteria?

  • Plan regular training after the software introduction. As with sports or music, regular training and performance measurement are part of the process. This is the only way your employees will enjoy the new tool. This is how they develop routines and security in using the tool.
  • The software must adapt to your needs and not the other way round. Standard sounds good, but is usually not good or individual enough. Adaptations to the most important processes are fundamental. Your employees will thank you for it.
  • By introducing new systems, the number of systems used should be reduced to a minimum. Only a few systems may still be used parallel to CRM. The CRM software thus becomes the control centre.
    Pay attention – matching the previous tip – to a reasonable Outlook, Lotus Notes, Firebird or Gmail integration.
  • Both the CRM and the groupware should not be operated in parallel, but the groupware should be fully integrated into the CRM.
  • Arrange with your service provider for sufficient help in the system or detailed documentation. This point (what, how, how extensive, which form, which medium, etc.) should be agreed upon when you sign the contract.

The next 5 success criteria in part 4.

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