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20 tips or success criteria for a successful software introduction and application (part 4)

20 tips or success criteria for a successful software introduction and software application (part 4)


16. Don’t just trust the software to handle the change for you. Change your process organization. From now on you are not doing product management, marketing and sales – you are doing customer management! The end of silo thinking.

17. Change the way you lead. Customer management or CRM is something completely different and requires new KPIs. Otherwise the employees will not follow you. As Ruppert Lay said, if you want to change existing thinking, you have to destroy existing structures!

18. Before you introduce new software, you should “throw off ballast”. Not just saddle another project on top of it. Reduce the number of projects or useless daily tasks and create free space.

19. It doesn’t always have to be a comprehensive specification, but a structuring in advance according to “what is a basic requirement?”, “what is not?” should be. If the sticking points are not clear beforehand, then they turn unnecessary loops during the selection or encounter extreme obstacles during the introduction.

20. Too little power in the line means too long response times (because of too little bandwidth/VPN). Better to book one server more or more bandwidth. The employees thank you for it.

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